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With the Heart of Nature

About Oyang Food

Oyang Foods is doing our utmost to introduce Korean traditional food and for our customer’s health.
Oyang Foods will provide quality products that are honest and trustworthy.

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Oyang Foods expresses with taste and repays with sincerity

We will do our best to provide food that is healthy, convenient, and boosts energy that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age by continuously putting our efforts in researching for healthy food made of fresh ingredients. In order to take a leap forward as a global company, we will continue to actively pursue the best taste with the top quality ingredients.


Powder Business Department

As a company that pursues eco-friendly traditional food, we are focusing on producing simpler and nutritious meal substitution foods that are hygienic, healthy, and trustworthy.
Our products minimized the removal of nutrients unlike the products of other companies and our purpose of the food production is to manufacture dehydrated foods that are easy to digest and tasty without using preservatives.
In addition, our factories are equipped with facilities and systems that enable manufacturing of all types of mixed powder products. If there are any sellers who are interested in selling powder type products, please let us know. We will do our utmost to develop and commercialize new products by actively engaging in the product research and development.
  • Roasting
    The key to the taste of refined powder type foods is the technology that can preserve the flavor of the original ingredients and even quality.
    Based on our ingredient processing know-hows we built over the last decades, O’yang Foods specialists are operating the roasting process to maintain the unique flavor of each ingredient using modern production facilities.
    We use indirect heating method (heating in boiling water) instead of the direct heating method that is generally used. The heating system is placed inside the facility to maintain the high temperature and vacuum environment when roasting the original ingredients.
  • Grinding & Pre-gelatinization
    The key to the taste of refined grains is maximizing the unique texture of each grain. To do so, different grinding know-hows for each ingredient are required considering the characteristics of the each original ingredient. Since each ingredient has different size of particles that can maximize its taste and digestive power, each ingredient is ground into different sizes of particles depending on its characteristics.
    Using heat and pressure, original ingredients are pre-gelatinized. The speed of this process is also controlled depending on the characteristics of each ingredient as well. After learning from many mistakes, O’yang Foods managed to learn a technology that can keep the taste and flavor of each ingredient and produce products that are highly digestive and easily soluble when mixed with water or milk.
  • Mixture
    It is the most basic mission required for the company to produce products healthy for our customers. Compared to other companies, we have a lot of products that are made of special ingredients. For instance, yams and balloon flower roots have its unique smell that some people might not like. Therefore, we mix it with grape sugar or milk sugar at an appropriate ratio to produce meal substitution foods that can be taken as it is with a better smell and same nutrients to maximize the customer satisfaction.

Liquid Business Department

O’yang Foods is developing and selling liquid products produced with fresh ingredients. Our liquid products include honey tea, honey syrup, and fruit juice with a sweet flavor and rich taste. You can make cold drinks or hot drinks with it. Our purpose is to produce products that can provide an excellent choice of drinks all year round for anyone at any age to enjoy freely. We will continue to put our efforts in developing liquid products with fresh and unique taste and flavor of the ingredients.

Baking Business Department

Baking department is a new department of Oyang Foods established in 2015. The purpose of establishing Baking department was to produce nutritious products with health ingredients. We will not produce any products full of sugar and preservatives unlike most of the products in the market. We will take a new leap forward and present tasty yet healthy pastries just like the ones your mother made at home with our craftsmanship and technology.