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With the Heart of Nature

About Oyang Food

Oyang Foods is doing our utmost to introduce Korean traditional food and for our customer’s health.
Oyang Foods will provide quality products that are honest and trustworthy.

Company Story

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Company Story

O’yang Foods Co. is a food company that manufactures refined grain products. O’Yang has been prioritized our customers and the business ethics of honesty, trust, and confidence for the past 30 years.
Yam powder made in Korea along with other nutritious grains and nut products made of strictly selected ingredients are the major products of O’Yang Foods. Yam soup was first developed by O’yang in Korea and it has been one of the most popular products at home and abroad.
Our major products include not only the yam soup but also powder type products including grain powders and solid tea; liquid type products including honey tea, grain syrup, and 100% fruit juice; as well as bakery products including crackers and jellies.
In order to gain higher competitiveness in the market with more diverse products, we are planning to launch health functional powder, food ingredients powder, no-sugar jams, and crystallized products.
Oyang Foods is constantly putting our efforts for sales and marketing through regular sales, special sales, and sales promotions at our retail stores nationwide. O’yang Foods has been showing consistent growth since 2010 and is taking a step forward to enter the overseas market while pioneering the domestic market.
Oyang Foods will provide foods that are produced with all our heart just like a mother who cares for her family.

BI Story

The word, ‘sunshine’’that reminds of warmth, tenderness, brightness, pureness, and freshness and the word, ‘Bakery’ that reminds of nicely prepared, handmade, cooked food with craftsmanship and sincerity were added together to make up a word, ‘Natural Food Sunshine Bakery’ to represent our spirit of making food with healthy, fresh, and high quality natural ingredients with all our heart.

Oyang will always do our best to always provide unchanging eco-friendly products.

Sunshine Bakery  logo Sunshine + baking  Carefully baking with healthy, fresh, and top quality ingredients